8 in. Oil-less Vacuum Prime High Head Solids Handling Pump



Part Number 8JSVE Oil-less Vacuum Prime High Head Solids Handling Pumps Dry Prime (JSV)

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High capacity and head performance. Ultra high efficiency pump with fast dry-priming and automatic re-priming. Up to 4 inches solids handling. Automatic dry prime pump using the exclusive oil-less vacuum technology (OVT) for less maintenance and faster priming. Dry running OVT priming requires no recirculating oil that could foul the environment. High air handling and vacuum capability with air cooled system providing efficiency and longevity. Non-contacting rotors eliminate wear increasing longevity with no reduction in performance. Heavy-duty cast iron casing and brackets as well as impeller and wear rings. Stress proof stainless steel shaft sleeves and abrasion resistant tungsten carbide seals. Various diesel or electric motor options. Available with many advanced options including auto-start controls.

Size: 8 in.
Max. Head: 3,200 ft.
Max. Capacity: 300 GPM
Max. Solids: 3.00 in.

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Trailer Mounted