Hydraulically Controlled Deluge Valve

SKU: FP-8"-400Y-1M-V-C-A5-ER-NN-A


Product Number FP-8”-400Y-1M-V-C-A5-ER-NN-A Hydraulically Controlled Deluge Valve with Local Reset

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The deluge valve shall be UL-listed, 25 bar / 365 psi rated, elastomeric type with a straight-through, Y-type-body.
The valve shall have an unobstructed flow path, with no stem guide or supporting ribs.
Valve actuation shall be accomplished by a single-piece, rolling diaphragm bonded with a rugged radial seal disk.
The diaphragm assembly shall be the only moving part.
The deluge valve shall include a relay pilot valve, a Y-type strainer, a ball drain valve, automatic drip-check with
manual override, 4-inch pressure gauges, and a manual emergency release housed in a stainless steel box.
The valve drain socket shall be flanged and have 360 degree swivel.
The valve shall be equipped with a protective-covered, dual-color, rotational position indicator, readable from
50 meters, and with two limit switches enclosed in a protective switch box.
Removing the valve cover for inspection or maintenance shall be in-line and not require removal of the control trim.
The deluge valve and its entire control trim shall be supplied pre-assembled and hydraulically tested by a factory
certified to ISO 9000 and 9001 standards.