Airstar was born in 1994, near Grenoble (France). The brilliant idea of the French self-made man Pierre Chabert has taken off. Today we are far from the first helium filled toy balloon lighted up with a bulb! The brand is well-known and renowned by a worldwide community in fields as diverse as construction, safety, cinema, event, live show, architecture… The business areas have even expanded to aerospace with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance tethered balloons, stratospheric balloons, airships, and thermal insulations for satellites! There is even an inner concept of street lighting and a “heating-light” almost ready to shine, a balloon for the forests, fantastic domes (including the one of Solar Impulse)… From Lewis Hamilton to Jennifer Lopez, from Elton John to Bertrand Picard, the Airstar family album is full of stars. Nowadays Airstar is world leader in designing and producing lighting balloons. The company is composed 22 offices on 13 countries, 3 production sites in France and in the USA and 180 employees around the world.