3888D4 – WS_D4 Series Sewage Pumps


Goulds Sewage Pumps feature Cast Iron, two vane semi-iron, non-clog impeller with pump-out vanes for mechanical seal protection and Heavy Duty cast iron, volute type casing for maximum efficiency.


Features & Benefits

Portable Oil Transfer Gear Pump 12gpm HD

We've gone through 4 years of development on these pumps. Upgrades have included a custom US Made Baldor motor, viton seals to the pumpheads, scrapping troublesome pressure regulators. Additionally, our vegetable oil pumps were not reliable for pumping cold motor oil, so we engineered a new Heavy Duty Oil Pump. Baldor custom made us a robust 1700RPM motor for moving motor oil, gear oil etc. Voila, a portable and fast gear pump for high viscosity fluids.